Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Last Day on the Islands

Our last day was again another beautiful day. We headed out for a hike on Boudreau Ile. This is a small uninhabited island with a beautiful view.

There was a small section of the island that you could imagine would be what the surface of mars looks like, except for the seagull!

During our hike I took a couple of pictures of a butterfly, flowers and birds that caught my eye.

And, of course we came across another beach.  But enough pictures of beaches. From there we visited a very old Anglican church that had just been refurbished. They kept it very much to the original style.

Then on to Old Harry Beach for a visit. Yes it was beautiful as all of them are. We are told that this is a world famous beach but if that's the case, they all should be.

We are back at the housed to have some salmon pie and get packed up. We have to be at the dock to catch our ferry at 6:30 am. Then it's off for a one nite stop in Nova Scotia.

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