Friday, August 25, 2017

A day at the Beach

I was up and away early today to get in a 30K ride. Another beautiful day for it.

After breakfast we packed up our beach gear and headed out to play in the ocean. We pulled off in a small area along Dune du Nord. From there it was a short walk over a dune to a beach that looked like it went on for ever.

We were the only people there! It was quite unbelievable. After a bit of looking around searching for the prefect spot, we noticed that there there was a set of eyes very carefully giving us the once over.

After about ten minutes of observation, our friendly neighbourhood seal must of decided that we just weren't that interested and headed off and we got ourselves ready to get wet. The water was a bit cool but I had brought my shorty wetsuit so I was quite comfortable.

After a bit of playing in the surf it was time to get out the kite. What a great place for kite flying. I had a bit of an audience from the local birds but still not another human to be seen anywhere.

Well it had been a pretty intense day so far so we headed back, got cleaned up, had a seafood dinner (again) and then went out to the area high school gym to watch some local talent play some old time country and bluegrass. It was a father daughter and son group and they were really quit good. The gym was full of locals, a few tourists and  fair number of people from all over the islands. It was quite a fun time and the music was very well done.

The music's over and it's time to call it a day. I'm starting to use to this kind life and I like it!

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