Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First Full Day on the Islands

Well our first day on the islands is coming to a close. It was a nicely paced pleasant day full of touristy things. We visited a couple of the small towns and saw the sights on two of the islands. At one of these small towns we came across two, two person bikes that were loaded for travel! I could see the adventure in traveling this way but I don't think it would be, now or in the past, anything I would consider as a vacation.

We also came across this quirky little kite shop filled some some of the most beautiful kites I have ever seen. I couldn't resist buying one of the bigger kites. The idea just brought back so many wonderful childhood memories that I couldn't resist it. But just my luck, on an island where the wind never stops, the afternoon became quite calm and quiet. Oh well. Might as well go for a bike ride. And that was a real treat in itself.

Well tomorrow is suppose to be far to windy for my big kite so we are going out to watch the parasailing in one of the nearby lagoons. Then off to a couple of the museums. After that, there is is very high looking hill with a lookout on top we are going to climb just for the fun of it. With any luck, I hope to fit in another bike ride. What a great way to explore these island!

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