Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting Into It

Well it's been 4 days now into our vacation and I think I'm finally able to slow down a bit and feel like I am on vacation!

Today was a pretty lazy day. I slept in to almost 9:30. Considering I'm use to getting up a 4:45 am, that's pretty relaxed. It felt good.

We spent the day at a place called Kings Landing in Fredricton. It
was a beautiful day to just stroll around and see the sights. The old town that has been reconstructed and staffed with VERY friendly people dressed in period clothing and acting their parts of the times was quite entertaining and educational. Check out the link: Kings Landing

So the day went along and felt like a vacation should. The only thing I missed was getting out for a ride. Way to late by the time we got back. Well, tomorrow is another day....OF VACATION!

Check out my Flickr page for todays photos.

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