Saturday, September 2, 2017

Starting Back

It's September 1st and we have been traveling for 2 days now with an overnight stop in Shediac.

I already miss the Magdalen Islands. At the top of this post is a short clip I took with my camera drone flying over the beach by the house we were staying at.  The people were wonderful, the weather was perfect and the visit was to short.

To make ourselves feel like we are still on vacation, we went out for a seafood feast dinner in Shediac. Yes, more seafood! Lobster!!
(These pics are for you Becky!)

This morning it's back on the road.

We made a stop at Kouchibouguac National Park. While we were at the visitors centre for the park we bumped into this couple who live in the area. He's 85 and she is 75. They were there at the new visitors centre for the first time. Friends had told them that they had seen pictures of them at the visitors centre.

As we were going through looking at the large displays of old photo blowups on the wall depicting life from those old days of the area, the wife got our attention and asked if we wanted to see pictures of her husband. They showed us the where posters were showing him. I can only imaging how strange that must of felt for them.

We wanted to decided to take one of the short hikes in the park before getting back on the road so we headed out for a hike to a lookout tower by a bog. It was a beautiful view.

Well, that was it. Time to make a mile so we left New Brunswick and here we are back in Quebec. This time we are in a small cottage just outside the Gaspe National Park. We had a rainy drive for the last 3 hours but it looks like we are going to get at least 2 days of good weather. So tomorrow we go hiking!

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