Thursday, August 24, 2017

On the North End

Today we left our little motel on the central island and headed north. But before we left this island we headed around the west coat to have a look at the shore line and at a small lighthouse up on one of the sand stone cliffs. Like everything else we have seen so far, it was truly beautiful. It is no surprise to hear of people who keep returning here year after year and of those that choose to stay.

We headed back to the east and turned north. We crossed over Havre-aux-Maisons and drove along one of the long narrow fingers of land that make up a large part of the islands and headed for the northern tip. It struck me as a bit odd but on this one small corner of this particular island (Grosse-Ile) changed from where everyone speaks french (and in many cases, only french) to where is this community they speak english (and in most cases, don't speak french at all).

After a very short drive, we were through the english community and rounding the northern tip and around to the french speaking community called Grande-Entree and hunting for beaches. It actually is never much of a challenge to find a beach out here.

After carefully scouting my next sport for fish and chips later on during our stay, we headed back to Grosse-Iie where we have a beautiful little house rented for the next 7 days right in the middle of this beautiful little fishing village. Now there's nothing left to do by try out my new kite.

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