Monday, September 4, 2017

Our Last Day In Gaspe National Park (for this trip)

Yesterday was our last visit to the part for this trip. We decided to drive as deep into the part as we could. We turned off of the main highway, the 299 onto a gravel road called the 110 that was in pretty good shape. Very soon we turned onto the 11. This gravel road started out just fine but slowly got rougher as we went along.

After about 10K we were really starting  to get into the mountains and the road condition was really deteriorating and getting pretty narrow. I wasn't to sure what we would do if we came across another vehicle coming in the opposite direction but that was never an issue. I was glad our Honda CRV has the ground clearance it has and the all wheel drive system. We were never doing what you would call four wheel driving but I don't think I would want to take the family sedan back in that far.

We visited a few of the lookout points and walked a couple of the shorter trails that were all very clearly marked. The trails were all well maintained and there was always picnic tables and benches at the end of the trails.

We were now off of the Garmin map, about 20K of off the main road as and as far back in as we could drive. We decided it was time to find a lunch spot so we started back out looking for a small side road that would lead down to a couple of the parks chalets and the Sainte Anne River. We found it and it was a perfect spot for our picnic and a good chance to send out the camera drone. The video clip at the top of this post is a short segment of the clip I shot.

This park is without a doubt  worth the visit. My only regret is that we didn't have a week to devote to exploring it further.

So back to our little cottage and dinner! But this time, believe it or not, no seafood. Just plan old steak.  ;-)

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