Monday, September 4, 2017

Time To Go Home

Today was our last day before starting home. The day started out a bit wet but cleared up in time for us to get out and visit Exploramer. This is a museum and education centre focusing on the Bay of St. Lawrence.

Like so many other things we have seen on this trip, this was a very well done. It was relatively small if compared to something in Toronto but the information and presentations were all very interesting, along with a bit of fun mixed in.

Outside of the museum and in different places near the shore line there was a display of driftwood carvings that were quite different to look at. Some to the point of disturbing.

I'm guessing that a neighbour, not wanting to be outdone, setup their own display on their front lawn. if these neighbours were competing in the weird category, they just may be the winners.

The sun is setting on the day and our trip. It's time to get back and get packed. We have a 12 hour plus drive ahead of us tomorrow (if we drive right through as planed). With the long weekend over, we are hoping for a fairly trouble free drive. Time for dinner and packing and to say goodby to the Gaspe area, for now.

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