Saturday, September 2, 2017

First Day at Gaspe National Park

What a beautiful day and beautiful place. Today we hiked back into (translated) Lake of the Americans. This is a shallow lake created by a melting glacier.

 The view across the lake was amazing. It was a bit cool on the trail but when we came out into the clearing with the sun shining down, it just felt good to be there with Sara to enjoy this special place.

When looking through my large telephoto zoom lens, I spotted a lookout on the top of one of the peaks. It would have been a good walk to get up to this. I wish we had more time to explore farther. I think this may be part of the bucket list.

After coming back down from the lake, we headed out driving along the 299 that goes through the park and stoped at a couple of the lookout points. The photo at the top of this post was from one of those spots.

Another day is almost done. The Weatherman is promising another perfect day tomorrow so we'll head back to the park for a little more hiking. For now, off for dinner and back to our little cottage.

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