Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Steele Benders

Well I've been back from vacation for just about a week now and I've been really throwing it hard into the Zwift Academy training program and of course I had to go back to working for a living. But this past Sunday it was time for a fun ride and to get out with the Steele Benders.

We started out in Hartington and generally headed toward Frontenac Provincial Park before making our way back to our starting point. The day was just perfect! It felt pretty good to get back into that place where you can just hang out with a group of friends and enjoy what your doing while you are doing it. Even though this ride wasn't the suggested 30K (it was 38) and describing it as a bit hilly may not have been all that accurate (725 meters climbed) It was a lot of fun!

It can sometimes be so easy to forget how it feels to just relax and enjoy life. These rides are a perfect reminder to keep space in your head for the fun things in life.

I want to thank Philip for all of the work in putting these rides together every week. I know I have enjoyed it very much Philip. Way to go!!

I have started a new photo album on my Flickr page for the photos I took during the ride with my Go-Pro camera. Have a look. Steele Benders Photo Album

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