Sunday, March 3, 2013

Running for the Fun of it

Who would have thought that this was possible. I still consider myself a newbie to running. I logged my first run in May of 2011. I had tried running a number of times before but was never really very successful at staying at it. I just didn't like it and it was to much like work. Now here I am looking forward to some of the running events out there like the Perth Kilt Run or the Running Goat's Spring Goat Run. To all those would-be runners out there who think that running isn't anything more than a way punish yourself, your wrong!

I was exactly the same way. I would see people out there running and as I drove by them, I would think "that just can't be anything else but awful". I am here to tell you that this is not the case. Yes it is a lot of work, yes it can be hard, but yes it is rewarding, it is good for you and it can even be FUN!

Last year at the Perth Kilt Run I took this fun part of running to a new level. I got involved with the Running Goat Club and helped out with a few small things for the race. I was the guy dressed in full Scottish garb, swinging a sword helping fellow runners find their way through the lines to pick up their running kits. It was quite a bit of fun. I had also signed up for the warrior class. This was GREAT!!! I had so much fun running in the warrior class. The race was a whole different experience for me. How often do you get a chance to wear a kilt, jump up on a bench in the middle of a golf course swinging a sword and encouraging runner to keep going. What an experience!

Now I see the Perth Spring Goat Run is not far off. Now this looks like it is going to be a great deal of fun. Climbing hay bail walls, crawling through a 10 foot long culvert and who know what else they have planned for this.

So what I have learned is this; running is a challenge, it's suppose to be. But it does not have to just slapping your feet down on the pavement or treadmill for those long hours. It can also be a great experience. You meet some amazing people out there. I can't get over how encouraging every runner I have met, bar none have been toward new runners. You are doing something good for yourself and they have all experienced it and at some point, no matter how experienced and skilled the runner is, they to were new to the sport. The other thing is that is can just be so much fun to get out there and do something different like the Perth Kilt Run or the Spring Goat Run.

Also, you don't have to be the best to win. Crossing the finish line for the first time in your first race is an experience that is like non you will ever have. There you are completing your first race. You put you mind and body to the test and did it! And yes, you did it while wearing a dress

The Spring Goat run is a prediction race. This means when you sign up, you guess at how long it is going to take you to complete the 5K long course. No timing or pacing devises of any kind are allowed. This means that no matter what your experience level is, no matter how fast or slow or good or new you are, you have just as much of a chance at winning as anyone else. The whole thing is up for grabs.

Checkout these links to these 2 races on Facebook and get registered.

Spring Goat Run

Perth Kilt Run

So what are you waiting for? Never done anything like this before? You don't have to be fast to be a winner. Every time you put on those runners and get out, whether you are in a race or just out there by yourself logging kilometers, your a WINNER. So here's your chance to meet some amazing people and have an incredible experience. Lets get out there, have some fun and do something really good for yourself. You won't regret it.  As for me, I'm doing both of them. Just look for the guy in the dress wearing the funny hat.

And by the way, since that first logged run in May of 2011, I have logged just over 3,000 kilometers and lost 100 pounds on the way. Not bad for an old guy.


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