Friday, July 6, 2012

The 2012 Great Perth Kilt Run

It has been a very busy summer so far. With work keeping me running, all the training I am trying do for karate, Iaido and running along with just regular life things, sometimes it just all seems to mash together.

But there are always the highlights that really stand out. One of the really big ones for me was the Great Perth Kilt Run. Have a watch of the video I put together and put up on YouTube.

The Perth Kilt Run was a run set the world record for the greatest number of kilted runners in a race. It was also a benefit run for MS. A great idea for a great cause. The record was set and will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I went to this run with just one goal in mind, to have fun. And it was great! I ignored my time and everything else and just went out for the experience. And running with almost 2,000 kilted runner is certainly that.

Before the race I had the opportunity to help out in a very small way by helping participants find out where they had to be to pick up their numbers and answering, where I could, questions about the day's activities. Here I stood, dressed up in my best Scottish gear, pointing things out with my sword. I was told that after a very short time, people were lined up to ask questions of me. I guess I stood out in the crowd a bit. It was GREAT fun.

For the race I was of course in my kilt and carrying my sword and shield as all the Warrior Class participants did. But I was in fairly typical running gear after that. My goal for next year's Kilt Run is to compete with the Duke for best runner's costume. I already have plans in the works, Dave.

The warrior tasks were kept a closely guarded secret up to just before the race. When I found out that the first warrior task was to give a toast and down a shot of scotch, I knew this was just going to be great fun. And it was. My suggestion for next year for the warrior class, make it DIRTIER!

This whole event was just so well put together and run. It was amazing! Way to go!!! I very much hope the tradition of this race in Perth will continue on. If it does, the best advice I could give you is BE THERE! Even if just to watch and cheer on the intrepid runners  who are brave enough to be out there in a KILT.

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  1. Awesome!!! Great editing, and love the camios! Nice background music .... and to finish with Her Majsty at the end - brilliant! thanks, Lord Darnley