Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kilt Run 3rd Stage

It has been a few weeks now since the Kilt Run so I have had a chance to think about my feelings and plans, post-Kilt Run.

I have to say that I was a bit surprised to find myself feeling let down for couple of days after the run. I think I was focused so intently on preparing myself for this one event that once it was over, I felt a loss of purpose set in. It was the “now what” feeling that I was not expecting.

As I think about it now, I can see that I briefly allowed myself to feel that I had accomplished everything I set out to accomplish. This was short-sighted of me. I had missed the point of what this run should have been all about. It was about getting healthy and fit both physically and mentally. It was about rising to the challenge. Not just the challenge of this particular event but the challenges we face every day as part of our normal lives. It was about being able to feel good about myself and moving forward.

With this now clear to me, I find that I am less prone to backing away from something that looks hard. I have even stepped right in a couple of times on some tough jobs rather than putting them off, secretly hoping they will magically go away. There is no magic. The nasty things in life don’t too often just go away. Sometimes, you just have to step up and do it.

The other big thing for me is knowing I am never in this alone. I always have the support of Sara. Where would we be if we didn’t have support from family and friends when there are difficulties in life to face down. It is always reassuring to know that no matter what, I have that support and encouragement there to help drive me on or dig me out.

I have decided that my next physical challenge will be completing a half marathon this year. For me, this is not just climbing a hill, it’s going to be like scaling a mountain ( the winter...during a storm...). This is something that does scare me a bit and certainly makes me step back and think hard about just how big of a task this is going to be. But if it wasn’t a bit scary, I don’t think it would really be a challenge. I am smart about this kind of thing. I am not going to push myself to the point of no return. So what is the very worst thing that could happen? I might have to stop part way through the run. That’s it. And even then I can still be happy about giving it my best. So here we go. I am all signed up and will be running my first half marathon September 18 with the goal of crossing the finish line. Wish me luck.

This run is for a truly great cause. The run raises money to help support sick or injured soldiers and to help support the families of our military. These are very special people that deserve our help and support. Here is a group of Canadians going out there, willing to put everything on the line in support of their country. To me, it is a great honour to have the opportunity to participate in this run with these very special people. I am very much looking forward to meeting them and being able to say thank you!

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